Gas Conversion Kit Reviews

It is quite surprising to realize that technology exists that allows you to create a burnable fuel out of water to increase your gas mileage and that you could build your own hydrogen generator for a small investment.

With hydrogen conversion kits you can turn your vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid and it may be easier than you realize.

The information and reviews below will help you understand what is required and how to carry out your own gas conversion.

Jason Tyler (Auto Mechanic Team)
Gas Conversion (Hydrogen/HHO Fuel) Expert

As a certified mechanic, I know the ins and outs of cars. I also know how easy it is (or isn't) to perform certain conversions on cars, trucks, and big-rigs.

Ten years ago when I first started experimenting with the different technologies to achieve superior fuel economy, I just took it for granted that getting 50-80 miles per gallon (80 to 129 kilometers) was normal with the water/HHO system installed. Today, with the advent of people selling the do-it-yourself instructions to use water as a fuel supplement, I want to shed some light on what is and what is not possible.

First, it is NOT possible to drive completely with water (these vehicles are still in production and are very expensive). You will still need fuel. BUT, with the water being converted to hydrogen (also called oxyhdrogen, HHO or Brown's gas) and fed into the engine's air intake, your vehicle will get more miles per gallon (or kilometers per liter) of fuel and you save money on gas.

Second, it is NOT for everyone. If you do not spend more than $50 a month on gas, it really doesn't make sense.

Third, you may only get 50-60% increase in fuel efficiency and depending on your vehicle, engine size, your vehicle's increase in fuel efficiency will vary. Yet, with that said, we have had reports from USA and Canada of 113% to 279.3% increases in MPG. You still would have to buy gas each month, but your bill would likely be half to one third of what it is right now.

Fourth, in our tests of the some of the guides recommended by non-mechanics, some actually damaged the engine or destroyed certain critical engine components, which not only was expensive to fix, but VOIDED the vehicle warranty.

I and the other mechanics in our shop evaluated 19 different guides based on the following criteria:

Mechanically sound design that will withstand daily use of the vehicle.
An increased gas mileage and money savings.
Very inexpensive and easy for a beginner.
Clean emissions (which help protect the environment).
Produce the maximum amount of HHO (oxyhydrogen or "Brown's gas").
Work with 99% of new and used vehicles on the market today (including fuel/carb injection, petrol, gas, and hybrids).
Has successfully been used on vehicles around the world using petrol, diesel, or gasoline.
Faster vehicle acceleration.
Stronger torque or engine power.
Works in freezing temperatures.
Eliminates engine "knock" or "ping".
Does NOT damage the vehicle warranty.
Compatible with IRS requirements to REALLY get you tax rebates to pay for the conversion.
REALLY can be removed or installed in minutes from your car's engine compartment.
Eliminate carbon deposits from unused fuel.
You get rights to the system to build and distribute the kits for personal use or profit.

Below, I give you recommendations of the top three conversion guides that my team has tested and that meet all of the criteria above.

Knowledge is power, and even if you are not an expert in cars, I believe you can do the conversion!

To your saving money on gas,

Jason Tyler (and team)



#1 Rated Water As Gas Conversion Guide

The key to success with this technology is to have a guide and company that makes it EASY and HELPS you in case you have any questions. This company does this and with this combination, you could be saving money on gas with the kit installed in hours.

The parts needed for the kit are readily available and cost less than $30. Depending on where you live, the price may vary. I increased my Nissan's fuel efficiency by 116.8% and it runs quieter with more power. With this type of improvement, you'd get back your investment in a couple of weeks.

The kit works with any car, SUV, bus, van, motorcycle or truck and is clearly the best for people who are mechanical beginners and still want to have the benefits of driving with water quickly and easily.

This was the only company that answered my emails in 30 minutes or less. The design also provided TWO TIMES the output of HHO (oxyhydrogen), of any comparable design, which is CRITICAL for the greatest money savings on gas.

The system also provides a very simple design, a MUST for any first-time installer. It also comes with an 8-week money back guarantee.

In Summary: Cheap materials, quick and easy setup, designed for complete car beginners, free bonuses, and average proven increase in fuel efficiency of 72%- our #1 pick.

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Highly Recommended

Hybrid Water Power

Out of the 19 conversion guides that I reviewed, Hybrid Water Power made the cut for the top 3. The guide is presented in an easy-to-follow manner.

As an addition, it includes bonuses - how to make money installing these systems for others and how to get the IRS to pay for the conversion of your car to water.

I've been asked that with all these benefits, why only a rating of 9.0 out of 10. Well, the answer is that we found the guide a little more complicated to use and for a beginner it is a lot easier to go with the top pick.

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Also Recommended

Run Your Car For Free

Run Your Car For Free is one of the oldest in the industry. While I use the system in my #1 pick, our team has successfully installed and tested this system with good results.

The reason we gave this site only 6 out of 10 is because of the lack of support. When I contacted their support by sending an email, I never got a response. For a complete novice to engines, support is very important because even though this technology is proven, it is new, and we all like to know that there is help in case it is needed.

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We hope to have helped you with our research to come an informed decision on which Water-Fuel Kit best suits your needs. The Hydrogen car is the solution on saving your cash almost instantly.

Where from here? We recommend Run Your Auto With Water:

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